Natural Lighting

The Benefits of Natural Lighting and ventilation:

Daylight is an essential natural asset. While daylight may no longer be the utterly integral part of our existence that it used to be, the benefits of natural light are numerous. Understanding the effect natural light has on the way we feel, how productive we are, and the buildings we spend so much time in is central to improving our rapidly advancing modern existence. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that buildings enjoying high levels of natural light are literally more successful than those more reliant on artificial light. In all environments the eye and brain functions respond better to natural light, so people perform better, while passive solar gain can reduce energy costs. A good use of air flow and exposed sunlight in our homes helps prevent mould and mildew problems. By eliminating dark and damp areas in our home we discourage spores from taking hold resulting in  mould and mildew growth. With the ever rising electricity prices, natural lighting can dramatically reduce energy bills. So we can save money and promote good health, well-being and productivity. Harnessing our free natural resources just  makes good sense!

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