Envirosun “TS” System

Envirosun TS Model is one of the most advanced solar hot water system available. The hot water storage tank and the solar collector panels are roof-mounted as one seamless unit. The TS model is an Australian made product that is built to last. The cylinder is constructed of 444 grade stainless steel proving the very best tank life, a higher standard than the typically used 316 steel which is used by many brands.

In addition, the outer casing of the tank is a conbination of colour-bond and steel and high-density weather resistant polypropylene plastic end caps. The Envirosun TS solar hot water systems are fabricated from high-strength materials especially suited to operating in high-temperature, high-pressure applications which can otherwise be very corrosive.

Envirosun cylinders are encapsulated in a pressure-injected, high-density polyurethane thermal insulation. Compared with archaic insulation systems using straw, wool or fibreglass, polyurethane retains more heat and does so for far longer – and it has the added advantage of imparting structural rigidity to the assembled vessel.

Our solar hot water systems are rated to operate high water pressures that are near to that of the mains water supply. Unlike low pressure hot-water systems, you can enjoy plenty of hot-water from more than one outlet at the same time. Envirosun systems use this mix of optimisation and over-temperature protection functions to maximise energy savings and minimise heat stresses

Envirosun Thermosiphon System

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