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Better Solar Energy (BSE) is the specialist for Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Power (P.V.) solutions, Solar Pool Heating Solutions and VELUX Skylights. BSE has been based in Port Macquarie for over 10 years, but has undergone new management recently. The business started out  with residential and commercial solar hot water system design and installation and added solar power 7 years ago.

Using Solar energy to heat your water can substantially reduce energy bills, even in colder climates and will reduce the emission of Greenhouse Gases.

Using the sun to heat up your hot water is one of the most efficient uses of the suns energy and in a country like Australia it just makes sense!


Solar Hot Water Systems/Solar Electricity Systems/Solar Heating for Swimming Pools/Natural Lighting solutions using VELUX Skylights.

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Commercial, Industrial, Residential


Whether you own your own home, run a business or organisation, you need to use hot water and power. Technology has now advanced to the point where the sun can deliver most of your water heating and energy needs.

Contractors Licence # 317911C

CLEAN ENERGY COUNCIL Membership # A0151458

ABN 45 168 310 683

Electrical Contractors Licence – Steve Mason # 47165C
CEC Accredited Solar Installer – Col Purcell # A0151458/# 211814C
Plumbers Licence – Steve Weller #L13895

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